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Online tutoring at eQualifai helps make education more accessible and transparent. We make sure that caring professional teachers and interested students find each other. So simple. So efficient.

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    Useful for everyone

    • Elevi Students

      Fastest way to find your favorite tutor to learn from and not fall asleep during class. It’s also super easy: all classes, documents and recordings in one place. Not sure after the first lesson? It's easy to switch!

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    • Părinţi Parents

      Convenient way to choose among hundreds of professional teachers or tutors. You can compare professionals by their rate, experience and honest reviews to find the best option for your son or daughter.

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    • Meditatori Tutors

      Efficient environment to earn from your knowledge and share it with those who really value it. Transparent payments, easy to use platform and grateful students. All of this is just a click away.

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    What people say

    • student review Alexandra
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      Even after I graduated highschool, I still felt the urge to learn something new. It was very easy to find a tutor and the communication was great. I really enjoyed the session!

    • student review Emil
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      I had a tutoring session together with my friend and we both enjoyed it a lot. We found out a lot of tips and tricks regarding vlogging, but I think they will also help us gain self confidence in our day to day lives!

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