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How do I work with my favorite tutor at eQualifai?

We interview all our tutors to make sure they are highly skilled at the subjects they teach and have a passion to help students to pass their exam with ease. In order to work with the tutor that best matches your needs, you will go through the following steps:

  • 1st step

    On the page where we present our tutors, adjust the filter and the sorting order to your needs. Click on the tutor card to see the details.

  • 2nd step

    Then click on “Message” on your selected tutor card.

  • 3rd step

    Register first, then message the tutor and agree on a price, time and other details of the lessons.

  • 4th step

    The tutor sends you the details and invitation to the study group.

We also offer a Premium service!

Too busy to select a tutor from our list yourself? Relax! Tell us your needs and we will find and contact the best tutors for you! Serviciul Premium Meditatii Online

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